Welcome to the Kinsmen Club of St. Marys

The Kinsmen Club of St. Marys is part of a national organization of service clubs who believe in ‘Serving the Community's Greatest Need’. We do this through service while embracing national pride, positive values, personal development and lasting friendship.  We have a rich history of service in St. Marys since chartered in 1957 which we are proud to continue today.  Kin Canada is committed to changing lives and making Canadian communities a better place to live.

Online history of the St. Marys Kinsmen Club
On May 15, 1957 the Kinsmen Club of St. Marys held its first meeting, starting a long and proud history serving the community.  Over the years, the Kinsmen Club has contributed to so many projects that it's getting hard to remember them all.  The Kinsmen Club of St. Marys is planning to upload old newspaper clippings from the past for all to read.  If individuals in the community have articles involving the Kinsmen Club of St. Marys that they believe would be great to add to our collection please forward to us at contactus@stmaryskinsmen.com
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Club Meetings

          The Kinsmen Club of St. Marys gathers to meet every other Thursday from September to June.  The meeting time and location can be found on the calendar below along with many other up and coming events.  We welcome all individuals to join our meetings.  If you wish to join us for an evening please email the Kinsmen Club of St. Marys ahead of time and we will make sure to get you dinner  contactus@stmarykinsmen.com

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Founder’s History
Kin Canada was founded by Hal Rogers on February 20, 1920. Our clubs serve their community’s greatest needs through hosting and sponsoring events and community service projects. Since its founding, Kin, Kinsmen and Kinette clubs across Canada have contributed more than $1 billion to Canadian communities and disaster relief programs beyond our borders.